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Reevas Official App by mickumacku Reevas Official App :iconmickumacku:mickumacku 5 1 jojo bonks by mickumacku jojo bonks :iconmickumacku:mickumacku 7 1 kapp'n leila bonding by mickumacku kapp'n leila bonding :iconmickumacku:mickumacku 2 2 IV: Seran! by mickumacku IV: Seran! :iconmickumacku:mickumacku 27 6 Seran is no longer seran by mickumacku Seran is no longer seran :iconmickumacku:mickumacku 5 2 ANCL bincH theres more by mickumacku ANCL bincH theres more :iconmickumacku:mickumacku 2 0 isabelle my jingle girl by mickumacku isabelle my jingle girl :iconmickumacku:mickumacku 7 2 the art dump continues by mickumacku the art dump continues :iconmickumacku:mickumacku 6 4 he's my favorite by mickumacku he's my favorite :iconmickumacku:mickumacku 11 0 talk shit get hit by mickumacku talk shit get hit :iconmickumacku:mickumacku 2 3 Sully by mickumacku Sully :iconmickumacku:mickumacku 5 5 New Kid by mickumacku New Kid :iconmickumacku:mickumacku 5 3 Jerrev by mickumacku Jerrev :iconmickumacku:mickumacku 4 0 this is my wife chen by mickumacku this is my wife chen :iconmickumacku:mickumacku 5 1 heres another pic o starchild just n case by mickumacku heres another pic o starchild just n case :iconmickumacku:mickumacku 5 0 time 2 upload a thousand things by mickumacku time 2 upload a thousand things :iconmickumacku:mickumacku 6 0
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im back !

let us love

:icondojimathumbsupplz: :iconsrapplz:


Reevas Official App
For my buds at Knochen Lust!! Bearful

Name: Reevas

Gender: Female

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Age: Knochen years: 99 Appearance: 20-26

Element(s): Air and fire.


Minor Air Manipulation. Able to create small gusts of wind for flight/levitation.

Basic fire-breathing.

Alignment: Gestalt/Neutral. Prefers to avoid brazenly aligning with one side, but has a strong dependency on human society.

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 120 lbs

Appearance: Blonde hair, fair skin, blue eyes, bushy brows. stronk n thick

Knochen Form:

Noodle. Traits based off of Chinese dragons. Gold scales with orange/white mane. Head roughly the size of a golden retriever.

Location: Central Verbinden

Occupation: Life drawing/Art model

Personality: Strong willed and confident. Model example of ethical egoism: “the normative theory that the promotion of one's own good is in accordance with morality.” This does not mean she’s constantly selfish to the point of inconveniencing others, as occasionally helping others is a solid way to help yourself. Has a difficult time believing individuals can ever truly act for others in complete disregard for their own interests. Enjoys manipulating others and roasts for simple entertainment.

Backstory: Was born into a strongly knochen lifestyle. Humans were considered a distinctly separate species and were not to be interacted with more than necessary. Because of her fondness for the human lifestyle, Reevas cut ties with her family and moved into the Verbiden resident area.

Ideologies and Beliefs: Doesn’t care what others do or believe in as long as it doesn’t affect her daily life. If you are extra: Do Not Interact.

Relationships: Potential amorous relationship with Enki (Wander) and a similar yet wildly different (rivalry?) relationship with Jericho (AstroRay).

Motifs: The Sun Itself :sun:

Orientation: will fuck if hot and has advantages

jojo bonks
when u gotta repost that sweet art everywhere

anyways the horns look like french bread
kapp'n leila bonding
photo/digital collab with a friendo

more of his stuff is on his insta: kasambasshots
IV: Seran!

finally this oc might have a home,,
waiting for that 1-5 date!! >:^0


Name: Seran Kimori
Nicknames: seran wrap
Race: Water Naiad (freshwater)
Gender: they/them
Age: Looks to be mid to late 20's. Are they in their mid to late 20s? no
Romantic/Sexual Orientation: pan all around
Class: Cleric
Favorite Food: Sashimi
Items: mucus colored flip phone, small sewing kit, metal chopsticks (potential stabbing abilities), water bottle, band-aids/itty bitty med kit, 2 cold medicine
-mom n pops combined: you know those parents who count all the kids like little ducklings and bring snacks?? Seran is that type of friend. However, they're not overbearing and are typically a pretty laid back individual. 
-caring: Seran puts a lot of their focus on the well-being of others. They'll hold your hair back as you puke off your hangover while giving you a steady supply of water. Pretty good at giving advice too! 
-can be a worrywart: but only when it comes to other people. The type to bring you breakfast and worry about your overfilled schedule.
-get ready for the waterworks: If you got stabbed they'ed start crying while frantically trying to fix the issue. Which is probably not the most reassuring thing. Would also start tearing up if you talked about about just how much you loved your kids. 
-hugs? hugs. : No one's touch starved in this household. Always indulgent.


     TOUGHNESS: **
     STURDINESS: ***
     CONFIDENCE: ****
     INTUITION: ****
     LUCK: **

Background: Birthed by the lake. Literally just grew in that water. Congratulations Love Lake, you're a parent!! They lived the majority of their life taking care of the lake-- cleaning up any debris that got swept away or helping take care of it's fishy ecosystem. They weren't comfortable leaving the waters until after the conflict of '83 settled down completely. Now that it's a bit calmer they've ventured out and gotten in contact with the land dwelling community (but they still care for the lake of course!).
-It's been said that some naiads can cure diseases with their spring water. Seran's not that impressive. They can cleanse open wounds (infection, poison) and close up non-lethal wounds. Lethal wounds can be helped, but not entirely fixed. 
-If you have a paper cut just ask nicely and plunge it into that wet splunge of hair.
-Can breathe in freshwater, but not saltwater.
Job: Swim teacher? Indieville Hospital? Walking water dispenser? They'll figure out what they want to do one of these days.
-hair is literally just a glob of freshwater. Technically you could like,, drink it but that's a bit extra. Probably could support a goldfish for a little while.
-when they go out into the ocean their hair gets briny and a tad uncomfortable (until they rinse off thoroughly).
-if Love Lake dries up they will die. Straight dead. This connection will also make Seran very ill if the water becomes too polluted.
-always a little bit chilly to the touch.
-if Seran gets mad they might just take off their earrings and lob them at the offender (those things are heavy).
-will attempt to roundhouse kick you into the center of the earth if you litter.

RP method: dA or discord works! But I'll answer faster on discord! I'm partial to lit/block. Replies can be a little all over the place, but usually I'll warn ya if I'm busier! 
Shipping?: are you kidding me? Yeah dude, we're already sailing.

also splunge isn’t a word but it felt right

Seran is no longer seran
when u redesign a character and they become something entirely different

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